Services & Prices

Personal Training - One-On-One

You and your goals are my primary focus.  Through one-on-one training we can work on your challenges and build on your strengths to have you looking and feeling great in no time. Personal Training allows sessions to be tailored specifically to your areas of focus for progression, as well as structure your training to suit your own likes and dislikes. You are able to build up a healthy training relationship with me to gain ultimate support and encouragement.  If you are new to exercise, inexperienced with certain types of training or simply lack the confidence or motivation to sustain a fitness lifestyle on your own, then this is the ideal starting point to inspire you and get results.

Initial consultation and health screening FREE

Ad-hoc sessions:  £50 per hour

Course of 6*:  £270 (£45 Per Hour)

Course of 10**:  £400 (£40 Per hour)

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Buddy Training

Partner up with a friend, family member, or your other half, to share the experience, make it fun, sociable and motivating. Together you can work on common goals, undertaking fitness tasks, together in-between sessions and giving each other that drive to succeed and never give up. The cost is split between the two of you making it an economical option.

Ad-hoc sessions:  £60 per hour (£30 each)

Course of 6*:  £300 (£25 each per hour)

Course of 10**:  £450 (22.50 each per hour)

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Small Group Buddy Training - 3-6 People

For ultimate fitness fun, team spirit and group motivation, this can be a great way to keep fit regularly whilst catching up with friends and enjoying the challenges together. If you are taking on an event for charity as a group e.g a long distance race, an obstacle course such as Tough Mudder or Pretty Muddy or going away together on an active holiday and need to shape up, then adding this into your training mix will tap into many factors which help you achieve your goals and stay on track.

All prices are split between the group.

Course of 6*:  £540 (£90 per hour shared group cost)

Course of 10**:  £750 (£75 per hour shared group cost)

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A feel good energising and mood lifting circuit class to set you up for the weekend.  Giving you total body conditioning for fitness, tone, strength and shape.  This small group training session for 10-20 people will give you personal attention and enable you to build a rapport with me, as well as your class buddies resulting in learning new exercises, improving form, building confidence and having fun.

£12 per session (1 hour)

Course of 10**:  £100

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* Valid for 3 months   |  ** Valid for 6 months   |  Fees chargeable if less than 24 hours notice is given on cancellations